PEDAKOS – Preschool Education Development Alliance for Kosovo

Country: Kosovo

The Project stems from RTM’s 20-year presence in the country and from a Feasibility Study in Kosovo coordinated by RTM and carried out by a mixed team composed of 6 experts in pedagogy, training, management of early childhood educational services, and integration of the Western Balkans.

EQUITE – Education de qualité pour l’inclusion et l’égalite

Country: Madagascar

The project aims to improve the living conditions of struggling families with school-age children. To this end, EQUITE ensures access to quality school, supports social inclusion and gender equality, fosters the resilience of families.

PACE – Partnership for a new Approach to early Childhood Education

Country: Palestina

The PACE Project seeks to support the Ministry of Education and private Palestinian educational institutions in the effort to increase the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of the early childhood education services system, fostering public-private partnerships

Les enfants citoyens

Country: Madagascar

The project aims to ensure that the children of Manakara have the status of legal subjects by strengthening primary school, the family, and the community in the poorest neighbourhoods of the city.

Alliance for the Development and Promotion of Family Farming in Northern Albania

Country: Albania

The Project seeks to increase food sovereignty and support the sustainable socio-economic development of disadvantaged rural communities in Northern Albania. Namely, the intervention promotes the development of family farming through traditional know-how, typical local products, women’s work, and sustainable management of the rural territory in the regions of Shkoder and Lezha.

School for everyone

Country: Madagascar

The project seeks to improve the scholarisation rate in the region of Alaotra Mangoro. “School for everyone” is carried out within the framework of a corporate social responsibility action started by Indena in favour of the communities where Italy imports Asian pennywort from.

Redevelopment of Latin Schools in critical areas of Palestine

Country: Palestina

The intervention seeks to increase the quality of preschool educational services made available to families and local communities by 4 Latin schools located in 4 areas at risk of the West Bank through staff training, the redevelopment of school environments, and participation of families.

Supporting the Fondation Médicale d’Ampasimanjeva (FMA)

Country: Madagascar

RTM provides institutional and methodological support to the FMA to improve the population’s living standards and ensure the sustainability of the hospital.

Pilot project for curing leprosy

Country: Madagascar

The project decreases the incidence of leprosy through early diagnosis and the reduction of transmission. It also improves the quality of life and the degree of social, educational, and professional inclusion of patients.