Country: Albania

the project aims to increase the productivity and added value achieved by family-owned mountain farms, particularly those run by women, younger, and returning migrants, operating in high-potential supply chains (beekeeping, small mountain fruits, orchards, ovine and caprine)

PEDAKOS – Preschool Education Development Alliance for Kosovo

Country: Kosovo

the intervention seeks to increase the quality of educational services offered by public, private, and community-based kindergartens, fostering public-private partnerships at all levels.

Les enfants citoyens

Country: Madagascar

The project aims to ensure that the children of Manakara have the status of legal subjects by strengthening primary school, the family, and the community in the poorest neighbourhoods of the city.

RURAL-YOU. Rural Albanian Youth

Country: Albania

The project is an invitation to look at the rural world from the perspective of young people: enables rural youth to be aware of the opportunities available at the sector level, actively participate in the sustainable growth of their territories, exercise their voice in the public arena.

NATURKOSOVO: the natural and cultural capital in Kosovo and the sustainable touristic development of Via Dinarica

Country: Kosovo

The project is meant to contribute to the sustainable touristic development in Kosovo

EQUITE – Education de qualité pour l’inclusion et l’égalite

Country: Madagascar

The project aims to improve the living conditions of struggling families with school-age children. To this end, EQUITE ensures access to quality school, supports social inclusion and gender equality, fosters the resilience of families.

REIMAGINE – Beyond Covid-19 a new multipurpose space for the educational community of Bethlehem

Country: Palestina

A public educational space now rarely used, the Training Center, will be made available to the community of Bethlehem through a participatory planning process.

Supporting the Fondation Médicale d’Ampasimanjeva (FMA)

Country: Madagascar

RTM provides institutional and methodological support to the FMA to improve the population’s living standards and ensure the sustainability of the hospital.

Pilot project for curing leprosy

Country: Madagascar

The project decreases the incidence of leprosy through early diagnosis and the reduction of transmission. It also improves the quality of life and the degree of social, educational, and professional inclusion of patients.