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In our history different people and different cultures come together. Our history tells the story of over 300 volunteers who dedicated years of their lifes helping thousands of women, children and men in order to meet their needs, to prove that a more brotherly world is possible.
It is a long story, this is why we will point out just a few of the many milestones along our journey.

The international volunteering experiences and the projects to support the missionary activities start with the arrival of the first missionary team of the Diocese of Reggio Emilia in Madagascar. Throughout the years, due the increasing needs of the local population, we moved on to rural development, sanitary social animation and nutritional help projects and income generation initiatives. It is all done thanks to the recognition as an NGO by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1973 and the co-financed projects. Since then, our presence in Madagascar has never been interrupted and as of today over 150 people have volunteered in this country for at least two years. At this day, many members and ex-volunteers are still in love with Red Island.

In this year begins the 20 year presence in Central African Republic to meet the locals needs that brought us to work on the development of the agriculture and of the community.

Itis the year of the first seat agreement with the hosting Government, the one of Madagascar.

RTM deals with Kosovo emergency: in collaboration with Caritas Reggiana we supported the Albanian Caritas of Scutari receiving the refugees. With the return of the refugees in Kosovo, we decided to stand by the population, planning interventions in the agro-zootechnical and peace education spheres. Even today, after more than 100 volunteers have interchanged during the years, we are still present with interventions for the rural development and supporting women’s shelters.

Still in 1999, following the twinning between the Bethlehem Governorate and the Province of Reggio Emilia, RTM intervened in Palestine. Initially, the intervention was in support of a psychophysical rehabilitation center for minors and later on in favor of deaf-mute minors.

RTM opens up to Brazil with a project for the rescue and re-integration of needy minors. It’s the last experience in Latin America after the ones in Bolivia (1990-1992) and Ecuador (2005).

It’s the year when we return to Northern Albania with a project to fight gender violence.

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