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RTM is an international voluntary non-governmental organization (NGO) inspired by Christian values. Since 1973, it has promoted international cooperation and solidarity projects in Africa, Central and South-Eastern Europe, Latin America, Western Balkans and Middle East as well as information, sensitization and development education activities in Italy.

RTM’s mission consists in promoting people’s dignity, safeguard their fundamental rights and support the economical and social development processes, paying particular attention to people and environment.
RTM operates through medium and long-term interventions with the active participation of local partners and the involvement of local communities.

The strength of RTM is represented by the volunteers both overseas, engaged in development projects, and in Italy, working on raising awareness activities and fundraising campaigns.


  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Kosovo
  • Ukraine
  • Palestine
  • Central African Republic
  • Madagascar


In Madagascar:
  • Nutritional support
  • Literacy of worker minors
  • Bio & Fair
  • Water is life (constructions of waterworks and wells)
  • Support to mental patients
  • Agriculture and food safety
  • Health and fight against malaria and filaria
  • Support to the FMA hospital (Fondation Médicale d’Ampasimanjeva)
In Kosovo:
  • peace education: initiatives to foster interreligious and interethnic dialogue among youth and to promote modern and innovative education methods among teachers and families;
  • equal opportunities: initiatives to promote women’s rights and to empower groups of female artisans and farmers in rural areas;
  • local development: promotion of the cooperative system and processing initiatives among farmers and safeguard of the environment in rural areas.
In Italy:
  • development education;
  • raising awareness events and fundraising campaigns;
  • summer camps;
  • training courses on international voluntary work.


RTM works with funds of and is recognised by the European Union and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

RTM is associated to:

  • F.O.C.S.I.V. (Federation of Christian Organizations International Voluntary Service);
  • C.I.S.D.E. (Coordination of Development NGOs appointed by Episcopal Conferences);
  • A.L.D.A. (Association of Local Democracy Agencies).
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